Graham is an artist working in photo, video, and sound production. 

He’s interested in developing work promoting civilizational optimism, creativity and progress to help bootstrap a bold, more compassionate and inspiring future. Graham believes the power of the arts and imagination to be essential in promoting profound states of joy and connection.

That we are responsible for creating the world we wish to see. That we have a responsibility to dream. And that with a collaborative attitude of ingenuity and critical reflection, we can reach new and unique heights to be proud of.

Clients Include: U.N. Foundation, The Life You Can Save, Princeton University: Center for Human Values, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Lewis Center for the Arts, and School of Architecture,, Center for Reducing Suffering, Do Explain, GameDev Unlocked & Ultraspeaking.

To inquire about rates and any questions regarding your project, please reach out at:

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